Anyone Can Enter

1. You don’t have to be an AAF member to enter, but membership will save you money. If you submit 3 or more entries, the extra fees cover the cost of an individual membership. Consider joining to save and receive exclusive benefits.

Navigating the Entry Software

  1. You can’t login to the entry software with your AAF-Akron password. You need a unique login for this platform.
  2. If you’re a returning entrant, you’re previous email and password will work. If you don’t remember, just click forgot password.
  3. Be sure to update your contact info. All notifications, including important things, like winning, will be sent to the email on file.
  4. Triple-check your work. Remember, entry titles, client names, and the entrant name are pulled directly from the software and printed on trophies. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and formatted correctly.
  5. Please give credit to everyone. That includes printers and other vendors who helped produce your wow entry.

What will be judged?

  1. All competitions are virtual this year. There are no drop offs. No physical work. Judges are judging remotely.
  2. You will have the ability to upload multiple files, including videos, for many additional categories this year. But keep in mind, the first upload for non-campaign and online/interactive categories needs to be the item to be judged. Additional uploads are just supporting items to assist with virtual judging.
  3. Presentation matters! Only upload professional-quality files that you would include in a client presentation.
  4. For online/interactive entries, please check your links! Make sure everything works. If the judges can’t access it, they can’t judge it

Entry Categories

  1. After reviewing the rules, not sure what category to enter? Just ask us at .
  2. Some categories have changed this year and are highlighted in red in the rules PDF.
  3. If you enter the wrong category, don’t worry! If the judges feel it was entered in the wrong category, we will change your entry and put it into the right category.

Good luck!!